e-commerce website programme

  • Custom website design according to your requirements
  • Content Management System with support for UNLIMITED pages on your website
  • C.M.S. Training enabling you to manage your on-line stock.
  • Click to enlarge facility (Zoom)
  • Support for unlimited products, brands, categories and subcategories
  • Easy to use shopping cart system
  • Product search engine
  • Order tracking
  • Automatic Freight calculation
  • Currency converter and support for International Orders
  • Customer database for promotional activities
  • Stock control and reporting
  • Works with all credit card payment gateways
  • Cheque/fax/bank to bank transfer payment methods
  • Promotional Codes
  • Online blog / news / articles
  • Enquiries form


There is a simple price for all of the above. There are no hidden extras.

Dotcom.ie Easy-Payment Schedule

Dotcom.ie has created a payment option which is completely unique, we call it "Easy-Pay", no other company has this option. We spread the cost of your website over 12 monthly payments, you pay 2 months deposit, we go to work and you are trading on-line in weeks.

The easy-payment option enables you to pay for your web shop from cash flow, nothing could be simpler and attractive.

Dotcom.ie Website Development Process

Stage 1

When order is being placed the sales agent will discuss the following:

  • General Layout
  • Preferred Colours
  • Tool Bar Headings
  • Technical Requirements
  • Collect available data to hand, CD's, Logo's, Imagery etc..

To help you decide on the above we recommend you research other websites in your industry. This process will normally take 30/45 minutes, we now have the basic information required to commence work on your website.

Stage 2

Working on the information provided by the sales agent the project manager will contact you to discuss the following:

  • Confirmation of order details
  • Completion time table
  • Contents of tool bar headings
  • Discuss technical and functional specifications
  • Request all relevant data, imagery and information

Submit initial draft website for comment, amendments etc. The time frame involved in this process is dependent on how pro-active client is in working with the project manager.

Stage 3

Website Completion and Launch

  • Uploading final elements of data and imagery
  • Fine tune technical and functional elements
  • Verify PayPal account
  • Get client approval
  • Launch website

At this stage it is recommended client works with the Dotcom.ie website promotions department to discuss promotional activity for the new website. Remember a website is an evolving entity, you do not need everything at this stage of the process. Data, imagery, text etc. can be uploaded at a later stage. The important thing is the sooner the website goes "live" the sooner the search engines recognise it.