Rossan Knitwear

Wow! Really really like the website so far, ill get working on the static info for you and ill do my best to have as much info as i can up to you tomorrow. Everything looks great so far so ill keep at it from my end and try and get it finished as soon as I can. Thanks a mill,

Home Boutique Kitchens

Yes website looks fab, really really happy!
Is there anything else now that we need for it? Everything looks great, also, what ways would you recommend to promote the website, would you have any ideas on it?
Thanks so much!

Academy Fireplaces

Just a quick note to confirm we got your e-mail and just to let you know how happy we are with the website, to be honest it has been great for our business.
John Duffy

From Now On

Thanks, great feedback to the website, I'm really pleased. I'll have to update it in September for the Winter collection. Will talk to you before then.
Thanks, Adele

About Space Attics

Hello Lads,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for a great job well done on building the perfect website for our business that really suits our needs. It's very user friendly and thats what we and our customers want. I give you permission to use this information for testimonial purposes.
Pat O'Keeefe,